Person-centred care

Cultural awareness

Cultural awareness is a key component in a care coordinator’s ability to provide person-centred care.

Being aware of a person’s cultural background, and how it may affect their ability to communicate and participate in the person-centred care partnership, will help to provide care that is empathetic, collaborative, inclusive and more sustainable.

An effective care coordinator recognises and celebrates cultural diversity.

Some Primary Health Networks (PHN)1 provide training in cultural awareness for general practice and other healthcare providers, which can help facilitate a more responsive healthcare experience for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians.

Care coordinators may work within Aboriginal health services commissioned by PHN. These services are developed after collaboration with local Aboriginal community organisations and healthcare providers. This expert advice is critical in ensuring programs are fit-for-purpose, culturally aware effective.

Health Literacy and Cultural Competency

  • 1. Non-government, not-for-profit organisations working to connect care and keep Australians well and out of hospital.