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Primary Health Tasmania has developed this online resource for a variety of audiences. The information that you find here has been specifically written for those who are either current care coordinators or those wanting to learn more about care coordination.

The information in this care coordination course is general in nature. Although it is underpinned by sound scientific evidence, we have purposefully avoided using scientific jargon and referencing numerous peer-reviewed journal articles (for example) so that it appeals to a wide audience. Wherever possible we have included links to reference materials. This may include journal articles or websites that we consider relevant and trustworthy.

You may feel that some of this information is ‘common sense’. This is by design. We are hoping that you, as a current or future care coordinator, can see that there are a number of general things that you can do to better your ability to be a care coordinator.

You will not find on this site specific training material on how to be a care coordinator in the context of your own organisation. Your organisation is likely to have its own set of processes and training in relation how it wants to run its care coordination program. However, you will find training on how to be a better care coordinator in general. We have done this so you can apply the principles and practices in the training material in a variety of contexts, scenarios and jurisdictions.

How to access the course

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What do we aim to achieve in this course?

Why do this course?

Making care coordination an integral part of a client’s experience with the health system is almost guaranteed to lead to better health outcomes.  The more you understand about how care coordination works, how you can implement it in your practice or organisation, and what skills you will need in order to become an effective care coordinator, the better you can help and support your clients.


This course will help you gain generic skills to be an effective care coordinator and deliver improved client outcomes in your work and organisation.

The outlines of the skills we provide are not to make you experts in each one, but to enable you to gain generic knowledge and apply principles in your everyday work with clients.

There are other skills that are useful to have when thinking of working with clients. Industry and sector experience is almost essential but is not a topic we can cover, as it is what each individual brings to the course. There are a number of assumptions that are made by the course material about each participant’s background knowledge.

The care coordinator must be aware of available services and how to access those in each of their communities and sectors when dealing with people. This takes time to learn and is probably the biggest part of being an effective care coordinator – to be able to assist people to understand and navigate the complex health and community services sector. As there are changes all the time in the sector, it is not possible to teach it all. Instead we provide guidance in the implementation phase about where to go, and case studies and snippets as examples.

As we are only concentrating on some of the skills we have outlined above, we will provide links and resources for further studies in each section.

The course will provide you with an overview of the skills you need to coordinate the care of clients, whatever sector you are working in.

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Course Materials

There are no prerequisites for this course. You will not need any special materials either, except for an internet connected device, such as a computer, tablet or mobile phone. You may also need to be able to open PDF documents from time to time, but these are generally identified as extra reading resources and you are not required to be able to access these in order to complete the course.